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when you're living in an inferno

there is a monster inside of you that wants out.
And you need a reason to live.
This blog is meant to be the online version of Tini's list of Reasons to Live that xe is writing in a notebook. Xe hopes that maybe some of them will help others get through their struggles, the way that they have helped xem.

I'm going to start this up again.

Anonymous asked: the photo of u on a trampoline--u have a rockin' fashion sense! & ur so pretty, too!

Omg no u

Thank you kindly :D

Whoops there’s my face.
First day of school. Attempted to curl my hair but the friggin’ rain is undoing it all. Sigh.

Whoops there’s my face.
First day of school. Attempted to curl my hair but the friggin’ rain is undoing it all. Sigh.

Anonymous asked: Just wanted to tell you that I think you are doing amazing things with this blog. I went through the reasons to live on a bad day, and some of them (especially #150 and #39) I could relate to at a very personal level. It really helped me to be reminded of those moments, and your writing is beautiful. I'm sorry if this is just weird or uninteresting or anything... I guess what I really want to say is thank you for putting this up :)

NO NO DON’T BE SORRY, THIS IS BEAUTIFUL! *pats your head and hugs you* I love you okay! It means the world to me that this blog helps people. There are all these little things to live for that I want people to remember, so when they can relate and appreciate them, it makes them so much more special. :)

Anonymous asked: I just wanted to say thank you. I was feeling really upset and lost and your posts made my night, and things seem a lot brighter now. <3

This made my night, anon. :) Honestly, thank you! I’m so glad that they could make your night even a teenie bit better too!

Reason to Live #304: Counting all the punch buggies on a road trip.

Punch buggy no punch backs

Anonymous asked: Just thought I'd say that I've been scrolling through your blog and its absolutely great and made me feel really good You are such a great and amazing person, thank you for doing this

You’re wonderful and I’m so happy that I could help in any way - that was my original plan with this blog, to hopefully inspire and cheer up anyone, but particularly others who might also be struggling. :)
Honestly though, it means a lot to know that people appreciate this blog. So thank YOU.

Reason to Live #303: Having a class with your friends.

Because education is so much more fun when you can share it with someone you can tolerate. But then there’s the fact that you won’t be learning anything because they’ll be making you laugh too hard, in my case.

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Reason to Live #302: Using a thesaurus.

Reason to Live #301: Having chocolate croissants for breakfast.

Reason to Live #300: When something you planned to buy is on sale.

Reason to Live #299: The crunch of snow under your boots.


Reason to Live #298: Reading to your little sister.

I can’t wait to read to Bella my childhood favourites like Charlie Bone and The Golden Compass and Stravaganza and Eragon and Inkheart.

Reason to Live #297: Pizza crusts.
I don&#8217;t care what you say. They are fluffy bread. They are delicious.